Reservation for your Customized Recording/Production Sessions
The MuScene Studio welcomes customization projects regarding recording, dubbing, mixing, Sound for Pictures, acoustics designing, technical transfer (all standard services provided by MuScene).  Based on your special needs, we will offer you a preliminary solution based on which we together can tailor the solution through interactive communication till your satisfaction.  Upon achieving a practical solution, we’ll send you a customized e-bill that states all needed information on details of executing your project for your final approval and ensuing reservation of space, instruments, and engineers will be accordingly arranged at MuScene.

Procedures for making a reservation:
1. Take some time and visit our website (FaceBookSkype or Line(ID : muscenestudio) for the complete line of services the MuScene Studio offers.

2. Contact one of our engineers by phone (+886-2-2932-9334) or writing ( to describe your special needs.  Alternatively, click on the “Contact Us” menu from our webpage , and select your preferred method of contact listed therein. 

3. Through a number of back-and-forth discussions your customized project is shaped, we will then send you a customized e-bill that states all needed information on details of executing your project for your final approval.  Once we receive your down-payment made through credit card or PayPal that you opted, we will process all ensuing reservation of space, instruments, and engineers accordingly.

4. Show up at one of our Studio sites at the appointed time for initiating your project production.

Additional Information:

1. If your recording is for personal usage (non-profitable) and you have some reserved user time left after completion of recording, you may request the engineer who handles your project to perform basic mixing treatment.  This mixing treatment is free of charge in the time window you have reserved for your project.

2. Normally, we keep our recording sessions going without prescheduled breaks as a measure to reduce our running costs.  Nevertheless, with pre-agreed schedule arrangement you are entitled to claiming short meal breaks to re-energize your performance without being charged for that duration.  While this is your right on the one hand, it is your responsibility on the other to pre-announce such breaks in your timetable well ahead of time such that the engineer coordinating your project may also schedule that very time slot.  

3. For each reserved sessions less than 6-hours in length, a trailing one-hour buffer is automatically reserved in case you need some extra time to perfect your project; you will not be charged if unused.  In a similar manner, a trailing 2-hour buffer is automatically reserved for sessions exceeding 6-hours.  

4. You may reschedule, or cancel, your reservation at least 7 days in advance without incurring any charge.  A NT$1000 handling fee will be imposed for requests issued 5~7 days in advance; NT$2000, 3~5 days; and NT$3000, within 2 days . 

5. Continuing from 4, if you need to reschedule your reservation slot, 50% of the handling fee incurred can be converted into your credit to cover your total bill for your project.  

6. The acoustic engineer coordinating your project will start setting up needed microphone and other equipment at least 5 minutes before your session starts.  In case your project is more delicate than typical cases, the setting up may take us some minutes at the beginning of your session time.  

7. In case you are eligible for refund, the total refundable less costs imposed by the transaction agency will be returned to you in full.

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