Geoffrey Han/Mixing Engineer

A practitioner who spent more than a decade of experimentation and learning starting in his mid-teens, he was accredited as the mixing and mastering engineer for Big Bomb Studio (L.A.), and as a project mixing engineer for Sony/BMG (U.S.A.).  He once worked for Will Smith on film's sound effects and audio post-production.

Johnny Liang/Executive Director

C.C. Han/Hardware Engineer

Ph. D. 1987, Stanford University, Postdoctoral Research, Yale University.

Vinson Han/Executive Producer

He used to be a Band percussionist in high school and early college years, now is the Director of GVF Jazz Quartet. He coaches many local student and junior musical groups.

Rebecca Chen/Mastering Engineer

Chu-Way Lin/Recording Engineer
Administrative staff and is in charge of routine maintenance and services of studio equipments.  He also assists in business expansion and general recording sessions.

Isaac Fu/System Engineer