Studio A

Studio A is within 20-minutes’ walking distance from the Wanfung Hospital Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station along the Xiandian/green Line.  We are located in the mansion the Hanshin Department Store used to be.More than 250 square meters of floor area is divided into recording rooms, control rooms, mastering room, arrangement room, and practice rooms.

Studio A adopts the sound absorption acoustic design, focusing on minimizing acoustic interference arising from reflected sound waves to facilitate post-production operations, such that the best mix-down quality can be anticipated.  This setting is particularly suitable for broadcasting, audio books, vocal dubbing, vocalist recording, demo production, and small choir.  The recording rooms are large enough to hold a drum set and amplifier, and is suitable for band demo recording, band song production and independent music distribution.

With regard to post-production processing, our mastering room adopted standard monitoring design that meets the most rigorous frequency response requirement and RT60 standard.  Multiple monitoring systems serve the purpose of cross-testing and contrasting to facilitate quick identification of errors and ensuing fixing.  Our post-production facilities also allows synchronized video-audio mixing/tracking, and we had been involved in sound effect production for several cases of local TV series and even Hollywood products.

In addition to well-equipped recording rooms, we have two practice rooms for artists’ final rehearsal prior to recording.  In our arrangement rooms, we have both analogue as well as digital sound sources to serve a wide range of sound effects needed in arrangements.  Our art and designing section can provide consultation and contract for product packaging, album design, book editing, arrangement, and publishing.

Studio A Address : 1F., No.11, Aly. 5, Ln. 82, Fuxing Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 11691, Taiwan (R.O.C.)