Studio B

Studio B is located on Section 2 of Hsing-Long Road, Jingmei District, and is some 10 minutes’ walk from Studio A and main business zone.  Studio B is located in a recessed and quiet lane off the main street near a scenery spot.  A stand-alone attic and roof-top garden adds extra space for relaxation during work.  We have both the needed privacy for studio work and business functions at this site.

Studio B is composed of three independent recording studios that can operate in sync-recording.  Choirs up to 20 people, a band more than five artists that can do independent sync-recording, and a third setting can be settled in different physical space for independent rehearsal and synchronized recording.  Facilities equipped in Studio B serves operations such as synchronous recording, chamber orchestra 

recording, album production, international collaboration, and Hi-Fi album production.  Recording studios occupies 100 square meter of floor area and is more roomy than most similar studios in Taiwan.  Even our lounge is sufficiently sound-proof such that a little rearrangement is all it takes to convert this space into an independent recording space.  Our spacious and cozy environment can prepare the artists in their best condition for recording.

Booths A ~ C and the post-production mixing room at Studio B apply independent floating acoustic isolation design, assisted with acoustic spectral field adjustment, low-frequency management, and acoustic diffusion/reflection correction, an absolutely accurate auditing and production surrounding is assured.  Our post-production mixing studio allows professional quality music production, which includes 5.1, 7.1 multi-soundtrack Hi-Fi mixing, sound of picture for TV and movie, vocal dubbing, and multi-soundtrack special effects production.

The Brand-name of professional audio equipments include:  SSL、API、Neve、Manley、Focusrite、AKG、Quested、Neumann、KRK、SPL、MOTU、Genelec、Yamaha、Roland、Shure、JZ、Phonic、Mackie、PreSonus、SONY、Waves、Antares、Universal Audio、Millennia、Brauner、Telefunken、Antelope、Audio-Technica、RME、Radial、Shadow Hills、Beyberdynamic、TC electronic、Fostex、Sennheiser......  

Studio B Address:3F., No.10, Aly. 1, Ln. 153, Sec. 2, Xinglong Rd., Taipei City 116, Taiwan (R.O.C.)