Studio C is right next to the Taipei Municipal Xingfu Junior High School, and is within 15-min walking distance from Studio B.

The MuScene Studio C is designed with a mind set on serving domestic independent audio artists and groups by providing an easily accessible infrastructure where individual artists may meet and collectively wield their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.  We also provide financial assistance and management counselling for talented and motivated artists in their early stages of career development. 

Studio C is consisted of two independently floated recording studios.  The larger one is composed of a recording control room flanked by two recording rooms that suit synchronized recording projects.  The space can hold a 12-person choir, or a 5-person band for synchronized tracking.  It is also perfect for string band recording, album production, synchronized international recording projects, and Hi-Fi album production. 

The smaller studio at site C contains a recording control room and its accompanying recording room that is ideal for all types of purposes at slightly smaller scale, such as choir consisted of up to 10 people, a 5-person band, and all other functions performed in the other larger studio at the same site, only with slightly tighter room.

Even the common lounge area had been constructed with sufficient soundproofing measures, and this area can be turned from a resting space into a recording environment when the scale of synchronous recording exceeds the norm.  The Studio C was designed and constructed to enable artists to exert their best artistic performance in a relaxing and cozy surrounding.

All spaces at Studio C for acoustic production — recording, mixing, and various stages of postproduction processing, were constructed based on the soundproofing room-within-a-room concept, and the acoustic field corrected with spectrographic fine-tuning by the deployment of bass traps, diffusors, and various acoustic panels.  The result is an accurate monitoring and production environment.  
The mixing/post-production room is ideal for stereo music production that meets standards of commercial albums.  The same space had been designed for accommodating 5.1/7.1 surround sound Hi-Fi mixing production, TV/film sound tracking, dubbing and multichannel sound effects production. 

In addition to our working horses made by Protools, and SSL Matrix, Studio C has access to a big pool of high-end professional devices, including the following popular brand names: SSL、API、Neve、Manley、Focusrite、AKG、Quested、Neumann、KRK、SPL、MOTU、Genelec、Yamaha、Roland、Shure、JZ、Phonic、Mackie、PreSonus、SONY、Waves、Antares、Universal Audio、Millennia、Brauner、Telefunken、Antelope、Audio-Technica、RME、Radial、Shadow Hills、Beyberdynamic、TC electronic、Fostex、Sennheiser......  

Studio C Address: 1F., No.12, Aly. 3, Ln. 82, Fusing Rd., Wunshan Dist., Taipei City 11691, Taiwan (R.O.C.)