MuScene Studio Business Office in Tainan

MuScene Studio Business Office in Tainan
To serve customers in central and southern Taiwan, a business office is available in the Tainan City.  Customers needing consultation and early stage project planning may use our facilities there to save you time spent on traveling.

Our facility in the Tainan Office is sufficient for most basic, non-commercial recording and dubbing projects; the final stages of production, mixing, mastering and publication will be processed in our main Studios in Taipei. 

If your recording project is of advanced professional level, our recording engineer in Tainan will help you to book Studio timeslot in Taipei, and he will also prepare you for your visit in our main studios.

The MuScene Studios in Taipei currently hosts the largest scale internship programs available in Taiwan, and we wish to expand our Studio Sites in the near future to provide similar opportunities to young talents in the south.

Service Charge (Tainan)
Recording studio rental  US $54.99/hr (pre-tax)

Address:3F., No.77, Chongxue Rd., East Dist., Tainan City 70156, Taiwan (R.O.C.)