Pro Recording


Our philosophy, professionalism, and sincereness
  We market our professional recording services by offering high fidelity, high sensitivity and high quality products as our top guiding principle.
 In the preparatory stage prior to actual recording, you can expect to spend some time with our team so that your expectation and special requirements can be adequately incorporated into the product. For example, your music type and style, size and performers of your group, musical instrument to be used, Production experience, purpose of planed recording, preferred time schedule, quantity of your publication, and expectation for commercialization. With such information revealed to our team, due preparation and arrangements can be made early on; alternative professional advice or suggestions made by our audio engineers may be heard by you for final settlement. Such preparative communication can best prepare both parties for the recording session with the goal of preserving the best performance and audio record for producing the album you dreamed of.
  In the actual recording session, our engineers will function as subsidiary mediator between the musicians, vocalists, and producer doing our best to make the musical/audio presentation as perfect as it can be. We deeply appreciate that only through effective mutual understanding and stress-free interaction between all parties during the recording session can professional techniques, be it performing or recording, count.
  As for our recording engineers, on top of their professional knowledge, practical techniques and field experiences in recording, they are also experienced in various aspects of postproduction operations. This feature enables MuScene to offer our customers with the best quality recording output that can streamline ensuing postproduction and publication. Our associate recording engineers and recording assistants have gone through professional training to facilitate the progress of recording sessions and provide additional inspection over the recorded output to ensure the audio quality of our products.
  The two different sites of MuScene can both fulfill all general-purpose recording, with Studio A designed with special strength on sound absorption and Studio B put extra efforts to facilitate optimization of fine environmental details to preserve any delicate features and characteristics of the sound sources to be recorded. We can also provide recording services on your designated site(s). In general, we adopt Hollywood’s professional standards of either 192 KHz/24-bit or 96 KHz/24-bit to retain all exquisite audio details.
Recording perspectives:
  Our recording engineer will choose the right types of microphones that best match the sound characteristics of the subjects whose sound is to be recorded. Factors determining the selection of a specific microphone over the others include, but are not limited to, characteristic features of both the device and the matching sound source, such as frequency response, acoustic pressure, matching signal preamplifier, and acoustic properties of the wiring circuits. In settling with a particular arrangement of microphones, the recording engineer also need to assess other acoustic effects that may spring from this selected combination of gears.
  Fine adjustment of individual microphone locations is crucial before live recording, taking into consideration the style and personal condition of each performing artist at the moment immediately prior to recording, and the resultant delicate acoustic effects arising from such interactive variations. Once the live recording session starts, the recording engineer must respond in real time through adjusting his gears to balance out temporal variations of the performers. Commonly adopted microphone arrangements such as stereo, surround, and synchronized dubbing arrangements are supported with one ultimate goal – the highest quality and fidelity preservation of the original sounds. All original sound tracks must pass multiple A/B tests to ensure meeting quality demands for ensuing postproduction procedures.

You get your money and elaboration worth teaming with MuScene!
  We together guard the quality for preserving your audio performance; while we honor your skills, talents, and interpretation of your music, our professional expertise in acoustic engineering adds an additional dimension in playing back your recorded presentation that may surpass your anticipation. All our engineers at MuScene look forward to providing you with the best services you deserve and expect.
US $88.99~133.99/hr.
US $551.99~888.99/day (8~12 hrs)
(Include Recording Engineer)