Arrangement / Background Music

MuScene’s services can be loosely classified into three categories:

1.Album/Music arrangement 

Demo production, album recording, music arrangement — digital as well as instrumental players, thematic composition and arrangement, custom-tailored song writing and arrangement, etc. 

Our strength in arrangement service is focused on pop music, nevertheless, we can offer contracted professionals to assist in arranging Jazz, classical, popular classic, country and folk; a consortium of instrument-based live music, software-assisted MIDI composition makes our production pleasant to the sharpest ears. In accordance with the requirements of our customers and the amount of production efforts, our products qualities are classified as Demo, B-, A-, and A+-grade commercial publication grades. Occasions for the four grades are: 

Demo grade: for general-purpose annotation, interpretation and demonstration — screening and evaluation panels, song writing documentation, wedding/ceremonial background music, accompaniment to live band or choir performances.

B-grade commercial publication: pre-professional artistic demonstration, independent music production, karaoke reproduction, accompaniment to live band performance, background music and sound effects for audible books, commercial films, TV broadcasting, accompaniment to choir performance. 

A- and A+-grade: for professional music publication, TV/movie themes, Hi-Fi music production, 5.1/7.1 surround sound music, live performer tracking arrangement, background music for movie/TV series. 

2.Video image accompaniment production 

Background music and sound effects can assist and enhance the message transfer attempted through Movie/TV/CF in ways beyond visual images alone can convey. 

Depending on your needs, we can provide fresh new accompaniment and song writing to fit your video product or, if you already have a preferred melody in mind, we can assist you in creating the arrangement to vitalize your video images. 

3.Assortments and arrangements for stage performance 

This serves your highest-demanding needs of your purpose. We can cover classical, pop, and other styles to suit any grand stage performance. We can admix visual effects with the richness of your audio message. 

For your orchestral music arrangement, we can provide you needed services in composing, on-the-fly recorded composing, script production, and so on, to facilitate your on-site arrangement, performance and recording.

For your movie background music we will make every effort to compose the most lively melody to enhance the grand stage scenario your film presents.

Concert arrangements are targeted for live band performance and we will work with you in dramatizing the best stage effects by going through rehearsal sessions with your artists.

In addition to MuScene’s dedicated, full-time, professional musicians, we have contracted backup counseling artists from 5 countries/regions. You are welcome to contact us for further information or discussion over your special requirements.

Service Price range: USD 179.99 ~ 2325.29/per song