Disc Description Protocol Solution for Digital Archive of CD Master Files (CD Master Output Software Package Included )

◎About Disc Description Protocol ― Solution for Digital Archive of CD Master Files

The MuScene Studio specializes in processing, analysis, and management of various aspects voices and sounds. Our typical business includes conventional recording and LP records production, mixing, and mastering; sound for pictures and games, sound effects (Foley) for movies and commercial media, 5.1/7.1 surround sound mixing and sound for pictures. We are also experts in spatial acoustics, acoustic engineering, audio physics, psychoacoustics, voice print and spectroscopy, digital archiving, and digital file encryption for long-term storage.     

The MuScene Studio provides our clients with DDP (Disc Description Protocol) option for their digital archiving needs in WAV/AIFF formats that comply to audio CD standards as defined in the Red Book. Come with our DDP encoding service is a custom-designed software package for later trouble-free decoding of the DDP-encoded master in our clients’ hands for their terminal applications when needed.  

We apply industry standard disk engravers manufactured by HHB, HOFA, Steinberg, and SONY with customized DDP output software packages to ensure the long-term accuracy of our clients’ valuable audio masters. The final DDP encoded digital file contains dedicated complementary key information such as PQ List, ISRC Code, UPC/EAN, and CD Text, etc., in addition to the audio data that is the core value of a project. All these product specific data will be chained with your audio master data in later manipulations. 

◎Information needed for DDP encoding service: 

To make full advantage of our DDP encoding service, you need to provide MuScene the following information:

1. CD Master, CD album WAV/AIFF Tracks, or existing DDP encoded file that lacks compatible player or output engine.

2. ISRC Code (if you don’t already have one, MuScene will apply one for you at no additional charge)

3. UPC/EAN (If you don’t have one already, please discuss with our engineers for detailed information.)

4. CD Text [Advisable, but not mandatory.]

5. Other desired accessary information, …

◎Service Value 

We provide you with an effective yet simple solution for your digital archiving/collection needs with your master copy of digital information. Files complying to DDP format safeguard the long-term accuracy of your precious digital data. Once encoded in DDP format you won’t need further technical assistance from a mastering house years later when you wish to revitalize your historic recordings made long time back. In the long run, you secure your data fidelity and save your cost of operation.

We strongly recommend you protect your valuable digital data for long-term archiving by incorporating this special DDP encoding service we provide. 

◎Service Charge 

US $117~317/each album within 15 songs or tracks