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I. Microphone Shock Mount maintenance

The elastic shock absorber on the mic mount needs proper elasticity to ensure secured and protective mounting of your expensive and precious microphone. We will find the right replacement rubber piece for your aged mic mounts to extend the service life span of your mounts.

Service charge: US $ 50 ~ 150, make and design dependent.

II. Microphone cleaning and maintenance:

After years of service, each microphone sensor needs cleaning and other preventive maintenance. The capsule and diaphragm/ribbon needs thorough cleaning to maintain its designed sensitivity and responsivity; the circuit board may display signs of oxidation; timely replacement of individual electronic elements and cable connector assembly, which is prone to wear through connection/disconnection cycles, can assure you the original performance.

Service charge: please contact us as the charge may vary greatly for different types, make, model, previous history, etc.

III. Speaker driver repair/replacement, cleaning, or maintenance for near-/mid-/far-field monitoring speakers.

Service charge and further information: please contact us.

IV. Repair or maintenance of preamplifier units: tube, transformer, etc.

Service charge and further information: please contact us.

V. Custom-made professional wiring cables: each (analogue) cable will be delivered to you with its specific THD, frequency response, phase, and impedance data that can be important for analogue signal transmission.

Charge is spec dependent: please contact us.

VI. Consulting services, technical supports, logistics, and out-sourcing.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

VII. Remote MIDI/OSC Control Service:

We can transfer our remote control platform at an affordable charge that enables you to control your digital work station running Ex_Pro Tools, Cubase, Neuendo, Logic, Sonar, Studio One ... away from your studio through your tablet or smart phone supported by iOS/Android. This platform frees your time-planning by allowing you to manipulate your mixer, pan, and other plug-ins from any location with Wi-Fi service; you can even remotely work on your recording project on your DAW. Imaging the advantages with performing artists capable of doing his/her own recordings, or vocalists free to adjust the volumes transmitted into his/her headphones; even the public address system manager can adjust the control panel for desired settings as the microphones are being arranged, and the mixing engineer may fine-tune the mixer setting while adjusting some outboard parameters in a corner of the control room. This amounts to great freedom, and saving of time and manpower!

Please contact us for relevant information.

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