Payment – PayPal, allPay

Making payment through e-commerce In addition to other more conventional payment approaches, you can now make electronic payment with less trouble through either PayPal or allPay upon reception of an e-bill from us.
Please note the following tips before making a transaction:
1. An extra 4% surcharge will be added to each payment below NT$10,000, the 4% processing charge will be absorbed by MuScene for each payment no less than NT$10,000.
2. As you make a booking deposit payment, you may avoid this 4% surcharge by pre-paying NT$10,000 that can be fully deducted from your final payment in excess of NT$10,000.
3. Please inform our customer service your payment platform prior to our sending you a quotation in the form of an e-bill that contains needed instructions for completing your transaction.
4. We will send an e-bill with all needed information to you through e-mail. The payable amount and payment terms should be consistent with your understanding of the project we both agreed on.