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The MuScene Studio specializes in, and focuses on, sound production, analysis and management. In addition to recording, mixing, and mastering production that lay at the center of conventional album production industry, we also provide professional 5.1/7.1 Surround Sound acoustic production services for films and visual media platforms.

Our engineers cover a wide range of learned acoustic fields on spatial acoustics, sound engineering, acoustic physics, psychoacoustics, acoustic spectroscopy, files digitizing and archive, digital data encryption, spatial acoustic field design and construction, systematic solutions for studio and theater acoustics. We can satisfy our clients’ one-stop shopping needs.

Professional exhibition rooms, recording studios and theaters require a much higher acoustic standard than common home theaters in soundproofing and acoustic filed presentation. Frequently, a two-way sound isolation solution is mandatory that not only prevent environmental noise from entering the space concerned, prohibiting sound leakage from the concerned acoustic field to the environment can be equally important, especially when the neighboring space is also an acoustically delicate environment such as neighboring exhibition rooms.

Spatial acoustics design is of vital importance to professional recording studios. Common low-cost solutions use elastomer sound absorbers (foam absorbers) that work quite effectively for frequencies above 400 Hz and does not require special training for installation. It is technically demanding for measuring and tuning reverberation time (RT60), standing waves, and room modes, etc. of an acoustic field. A properly tuned space generates sweet acoustic fields that please your ears and soul.

Engineers at the MuScene Studio avoid using foam absorbers in control/tracking rooms, as they help little for soundproofing, and completely helpless for the tuning of natural and pleasing reverberation or controlling standing waves and low-frequency resonances. Additionally, extensive use of foam absorbers can hardly be visually pleasant.

A quite different scenario applies to theaters and exhibition spaces. These spaces call for extraordinary care in tuning their reverberation effects; as these properties largely convey to the audience the sense of liveliness, and to the performers, positive supports and feedback. The major player that defines a good recording room, theater, and exhibition room is its acoustic filed presented; and this is the utmost goal to all engineers at MuScene.

The MuScene Studio collaborates with the best construction craftsmen with our proven design of acoustic modules such as bass traps, diffusers, absorbers, and custom-designed mufflers and acoustic panels for each specific construction project. We guarantee satisfactory one-stop service, starting with site evaluation and counseling, designing, to field construction, interior decoration, equipment installation, operation training, and even afterward maintenance and consultation, all depending on your pace in becoming independent. Our relationship with our clients does not terminate at the point of completion of hardware installation, we willing to grow with our clients along their successful operation and career.  

Our engineers have control over a large pool of technical data, including all acoustic parameters pertaining to our home-designed modules used for acoustic field tuning and soundproofing applications. We have a good command of advanced architectural and acoustic measuring tools so that we can custom-design your existing space to fit your desired purposes and budget. If budget is not your major constraint, we are happy to offer you our advice with accompanying constructional designs and aesthetic effects to enhance your business plans.

For clients who wants to build their studios at a rented site with secured short-term, say <5 yrs., lease, a fully customized “permanent” solution should minimize costly modifications made to the rented space as well as taking into consideration future plans for relocation and/or expansion. We provide quasi-portable modular solutions or even fully portable modules that fit your budget, business model, and long-term, >5 yrs., perspectives, that can save you significant capital investments on the long-term.

Focus your concerns on the purposes with the studio to be constructed, your business plan, available resources in your targeted trade, and installation budget. Leave your engineering concerns to the team of engineers at MuScene! As we’ve been around for long enough in the domestic arena and are familiar with the ecosystem, we can provide you with candid and best advices that allow you to jump-start your new studio/career.

◎Quality Service at MuScene

The MuScene Studio currently owns four business sites across the Taipei Twin Cities, and we have a partner studio in Tainan. All these spaces were designed and constructed by our own engineering and construction teams. Starting with detailed functionality and utility layouts, progressing through signal cable routing, ventilation and air conditioning streams, filtered and properly grounded power distribution lines, and architectural construction drawings; ensuing construction and acoustic treatments, electronic hardware installation and testing, final fine tuning of acoustic field can all be provided by us through one-stop shopping.

We can quickly combine your needs, constraints and the raw space available into a number of proposal solutions from which the best solution evolves. We turn our learned knowledge and precious hands-on experience into quality services at all levels of consultation, infrastructure design and construction, hardware integration, operational training, and any useful assistance you can think of.

Your satisfaction in acoustic quality we delivered is guaranteed. Our solutions always incorporate room for later expansion and upgrade to keep your competitive edge. Our success in this trade enables us to provide you valuable consultation in your early stages of business model design. Our many studio sites provide a wide range of real-world examples with which you can get a better feeling how you want your own studio built.

◎Price ranges for our Technical Services

Consultation, spatial acoustics analysis and evaluation, soundproofing design, recording room acoustic field design, integrated solutions for recording studio or theater, electromechanical/power/utility system design/construction, and custom acoustic modules design, …

US $100~NT $650,000/each case

Custom-design/custom-made acoustic module

US$ 215 ~ 2,749.99

Solutions for Recording Studio system, electromechanical system, ventilation, and air conditioning system

US$ 1,000 ~ 120,000/each case

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