Our Team

MuScene Studio is established by a group of expertised young Christians who share the same purposes and visions. Geoffrey, a Taiwanese American, started his career in audio CD production, musical post-production, and video-audio multimedia industry. In 2002, Geoffrey founded the No. 7, Alley J Digital Multimedia Company which later evolved into the current MuScene Multimedia.

Our religious motivation drove everyone constituted MuScene doing our utmost in living up to the same highest standards in handling everything. Today, media is an indispensable element in conveying messages and information, and it is our firm belief that a trustworthy media will do good to the society and the mankind. We encourage ourselves to bring to our society positive and bright impacts and are self-disciplined with responsibility, teamwork, and respectable work ethics.  

We have experienced technicians who collaborated with Hollywood musical industries, and also teaches at local colleges that specialize in Performing Arts and Marketing in Musical Business. We have by-passed the more conventional master-apprentice career development style that is still common in Taiwan, and adopted academic talent nurturing track that is more or less the norm in the western audio industries. We require that our engineers have solid theoretical knowledge to support our empirical operations so as to stay at the leading front of this art.

Being nurtured as musicians, our engineers naturally understand the desires of performing artists. Our cozy, friendly and professional working  

professional audio engineers and a broad spectrum of top-of-the-line equipments allows his/her creativity accurately embodied in the product. Asenvironments make everyone involved in recording feel like at home and enables the best performance and product. As for the Producer, our

Sound For Picture, we provide 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound production , precise and accurate audio editing adds to your film surrounding affections and excitements.  

We, with our profound and professional background and experience in recording, mixing, post-production, mastering and album production, are your best solution to needs such as acoustic design, commercial dubbing, musical arrangements, and sound effects, or teaching and training projects. We are competent to worth your contact in the first moment when you have an application.



Geoffrey/Mixing Engineer


梁祖豪/Executive Director


C.C Han/Hardware Engineer

瓦器聲紋鑑識實驗室主持人 ,史丹福大學化學系博士 /耶魯大學化學系博士後研究員 。