Gear List

The MuScene Studio provides local artists with unique experiencing environments for British style and classical American old school fashioned recording sessions. At the stratum of our hardware arsenal is a collection of 100+ high-end microphones of various make and characteristic performance, plus an on-site stock of 50+ mic preamps, together offering 5000 different combinations of acoustic sound qualities. Our multiplex acoustic space further creates another 10-fold nuances in ultimate acoustic temperaments.

Below is a list of our collections : 


*Quested V3110 *Equator Q12 *Genelec 8260A *Eve Audio SC208 *Yamaha MSP10 *Mackie HR824mk2 *KRK VXT 8


*AEA A440 *AKG C12 *AKG C1000s *AKG C 518 *AKG C 414 XLII *AKG C 414 XLS *AKG D 112 *AKG C214 

*Audio-Technica AT2035/AT4050/AT4080/AT5040/AT5045/AT5047 *Aston Origin/ATM350a

*Brauner VMA(VM1+VMX)  *Beyerdynamic MC740N *Beringer C4 *Beyerdynamic Opus65

*DPA 4006 *Fostex MC 10 *12 Guage Microphone Blue/Red/Green

*JZ V67  *JZ BH1s *JZ Vintage 11 *JTS JS1E *JTS CX505 *JTS NX2

*JTS JS 1E *JTS Shut-gun SGM-14 *JTS CX505 Drum set 

*Manley Reference Gold *Miketak CV4 *M-Audio Luna *MXL 990 *Miktek CV-4 

*Oktava Mk 219 *Violet Black Knight

*Neumann U 47  *Neumann U 67 *Neumann TLM 67 *Neumann U87 Ai *Neumann 149 Tube

*Sony C800  *Shure SM 57 *Shure PG 52 *Shure PG 56 *Shure PG 81 *Shure Beta 56 *Shure Beta 52 A

*Sennheiser MD421 *SE SE-4 

*Telefunken ELA-M 251E/T *Telefunken DD5 Drum Set(M82/ M80-sh/ M81-sh Dynamic)

*Royer R-122 Ribbon Mic  *Rode NTR *WARM WA-47jr *WARM WA-14

#Mic Pre-amplifier

*API 512c  *AEA RPQ *Aphex J Pre /A Pre /Channel /Dual RPA *A Designs Audio P-1 *Antelope MP8D /Zen Studio 

*Chandler Limited Little Devil /Germ 500 MkII / TG2-500 

*Focusrite Red One /Octo Pre5 /Scarlett OctoPre /ISA 428 MK II /Octo Pre MK II /ISA828

*Fredenstein F601 /Fredenstein F676 *JDK Audio R20 *Manley Dual *Millennia HV-35 

*Neve Portico 517 /88RLB /1073LB *Presonus BlueTube DP /Studio Channel 

*SSL VHD /Super Analogue *Shadow Hills GAMA *Sonum H2O 

*TL audio 5060 *Tube-Tech MP1A *Warm Audio WA-12 *Zoom TAC-8

#Mixing Console --

*SSL Matrix *Artist Series Mix *Artist Series Control *Mackie Control Universal Pro /Extender 

*PreSonus FaderPort 16 *Icon QCon Pro *Icon QCon EX

#DAWs / NLEs / Software--

*AVID Pro Tools Ultmate /*Diamond Cut /*EdiLoad 

*Magix Vegas Pro /Sound Forge Pro /SpectraLayers Pro 

*MOTU Digital Performer

*Native-Instruments Tractor /Machine hardware control /Machine software

*Native-Instruments /*Numark Trak4 DJ Controller

*Steinberg Cubase Pro 8.5 /*SoundCode Dolby Digital Encoder/Decoder *SurCode for DTS Encoder/Decoder

#Hardware Processor--

*API 5500 Stereo EQ /API 2500 Bus Compressor /API 560 Mono EQ

*AMS-Neve 1073LBEQ Mono EQ /AMS-Neve 2264ALB Mono Dynamic

*dbx 160 *Fostex model e-2  *Fredenstein Artistic Compressor

*Harrison 32 EQ *MS Neve 33609 J/D Stereo Compressor 

*Manley Massive Passive Mastering Version Stereo EQ  *Manley Variable Mu Mastering Version Stereo Compressor 

*Prism Sound Maselec MEA-2 Mastering Stereo EQ /MLA-2 Stereo Mastering Compressor  * Studera807 

*SSL G Series Bus Compressor /Stereo Compressor

*Shadow Hills Optograph mono Compressor /Dual Vandergraph Stereo Compressor

*Dangerous 2-BUS LT *Waves MAXX BCL *Soundcraft 6000 Analog Console

*Zoom F-8 Recorder *Zoom FRC 8, F-Control (controller) *Midas M32R (16 channel Mixer & Recorder) 


*Antares Auto-Tune *EastWest VSTi

*iZotope RX 2 /Trash /Nectar /Radius /Ozone /Spectron /Mastering Effects Bundle

*SSL Channel Dynamics /EQ & Filters /Bus Compressor

*Sonnox Oxford EQ /Limiter /Inflator /Reverb /Dynamic /Transient Modulator /Custom Bundle

*Waves Mercury Bundle /SSL 4000 Collection /The King's Microphones

#Audio Interface----

*Antelope OCX-V *Antelope Zen Studio *Behringer Xenyx Q502 *FocusriteScarlett 2i4

*MOTU 896 mk3 *Prism Sound Orpheus *RME Fireface UFX

*SSL MX 4 *SSL Alpha-Link MADI AX *SSL Alpha-Link MADI SX

*Zoom UAC-8 *RME Fireface UFX *Lucid 88192 AD/DA *Grimm Audio CC2 Master Clock 

#Aural Exciter/Tone Character Saturator--

Aphex EX-BB 500 Aural Exciter

#Acoustic Treatment/Analyizer--

*Agilent Technologies - Agilent 6000 *Black&Decker BDL 310S Projected Crossfire Auto Level Laser

*Phonic PAA6


*Radial Cherry Picker *Radial Gold Digger

#外場Boom Microphone--

Boom Mic: Rode NTG 3 超心型指向麥克風 X 1 *Shure SM89 超指向麥克風 X 2 *JTS GSM-14 超心型麥克風 X 2 

Boom 收音組:(Blimp+Boompole+Windshield) 2組加長 +2組正常長度 

無線MINI MIC: Senheisser G3 X 4 *Sony X 1 *Rode wireless Newshooter Kit