5.1/7.2 Surround Sound Production for Movies and Broadcasting

     The Muscene Studio offers 5.1 and 7.2 Surround Sound Audio Production for movie makers with either Dolby or DTS coding.

Contemporary movies and digital HDTV programs present their audio information for 5.1, or higher, Surround Sound playback systems. Through such surround sound effects virtual reality impression is vividly and vivaciously recreated to the viewers. 

The Muscene Studio remains collaborative with ongoing Hollywood projects and we are well experienced with 7.2 Surround Sound recording, mixing, and production. We adopt American Old School style in our Surround Sound production flow, we offer our customers with the same Hollywood quality at a cost only a fraction of what Hollywood studios charge. Muscene offers the best opportunity for talented startup producers who desires the best cost-performance ratio in their acoustic products with their limited budgets. 

A) Surround Sound Multi-Channel Recording/Tracking 

     To achieve the best playback performance on 5.1/7.2 Surround Sound speakers arrangements we process original recordings with multi-channel recording techniques for thematic music, instrumental accessary, orchestra layout, sound field, and circumstantial ambience. In actual processing, this can be achieved through real-time, parallel multi-microphone surround sound recording as well as through mixing down high-fidelity recordings of component original sounds into 5.1/7.2 surround sound format.     

Please refer to Standard Recording and Advanced Recording for additional information. 

B) 5.1/7.2 Surround Sound Mixing – Sound for Picture 

     Starting with audio materials recorded by either real-time multi-channel recording or multi-track recordings of individual instruments and vocals, mixing engineers can mix these materials for playback on 5.1/7.2 systems by reallocating each sound sources to their corresponding speaker channels that convey to the listener images of their respective spatial locations through optimal Instrument panning and reestablishment of the high fidelity immersive surround acoustic field. 

With the assistance of dedicated audio signal processor, hardware, software, encoders, decoders, plug-ins as well as professional 5.1/7.2 monitoring meters, our experienced acoustic engineers perform accurate surround sound effects production. 

The 5.1/7.1 surround sound system applies far more complex standards and principles than the stereo system when monitoring and playback systems are concerned. While it is seemingly similar for the HD Audio system adopted for digital teletransmission, the 5.1/7.2 Surround Sound system for cinema, the Home Theater system, and audio Surround Sound production, there are immensely different guidelines for recommended sound pressure (Loudness Unit) and other parameters for these applications. Different broadcaster standards (e.g., ITU vs. EBU) further complicates media production and raise compatibility issues. 

The incipient surround sound mixing product needs encoding before they are completed, these coded data will then be decoded during playback to regenerate the audible surround sound that reproduces the acoustic field mapped over the production process. Two mainstream codec technologies, the Dolby Digital and the Digital Theater systems, dominate the audio industry. They are based on independently developed technologies, working principles, standards, and empirical parameters. The adoption of one or the other codec technology entails the application of corresponding solutions with affiliated technological settings and parameters, these various codec solutions also set a hurdle to beginners. 

As a result, the specifications of hardware owned by, the mixing engineer’s experience of a production studio, and its headroom for flexible rearrangement together largely predetermined the optimal playback format and quality of the final product to be created in a surround sound mixing project. A project at its outset needs to set its targeted audio standard (DTS, Dolby, and 5.1/7.2), product type (cinema, music, or television), marketing geological regions (EU vs. US regulations, ITU vs. EBU), and the production procedures for recording, mixing, and mastering. Other preliminary considerations include the ultimate disseminating media, output versions, goal and format of the product; these preliminary boundary conditions set the direction for selecting monitoring acoustic systems, production parameters, choice of codec specs, and production procedures. All these choices have a very high impact on the quality of the resulting surround sound mixing product. 

Please refer to Standard Mixing and Advanced Mixing for additional information. 

C) 5.1/7.2 Surround Sound Audio Mastering 

     Original acoustic components preserved by either real-time multi-channel recording or multi-track recording of individual instruments and vocals are processed through professional surround sound mixing and mastering, according to its playback criteria for cinema soundtrack, drama score, or Hi-Fi surround sound music, into the final surround sound product that can be marketed for end user applications. 

At Muscene, we apply K-20 acoustic monitoring system to preserve the maximum dynamic range possible for film thematic surround sound music on the one hand, and to assure compliance to standards adopted by the Hollywood film industries on the other hand.   

As for surround sound recordings for TV broadcasting, we apply either K-20 or K-14 monitoring systems that best fit the targeted purpose, and we follow customary coding conventions throughout our mastering processes to assure full compatibility of our products with the end purposes. 

For blue-ray audiophile production, K-20 monitoring system is adopted to secure the maximum dynamic range possible without compromising acoustic fidelity. EQ and compressor hard-wares are used in our production procedures to present the best quality achievable. 

We adopt ITU standards in producing products aimed for playback on devices complying with US regulations and for global marketing aims. On the other hand, EBU standards are adopted in producing products aimed for Eurasia continental regions and China to ensure ultimate compatibility with regional standards of the end users. 

Please refer to Standard Mastering and Advanced Mastering for additional information. 

D) Dolby or DTS Encoding and Decoding 

     The most common surround sound mixing output files conform to either 6-channel (5.1 surround) or 9-channel (7.2 surround) multitrack WAV/AIFF formats; these are not compatible with the blu-ray and DVD formats. 

Depending on the quality and acoustic field arrangement demanded by the targeted playback systems, either Dolby or DTS standard will be selected for encoding your mastered soundtracks. At this point the technical standard and parameters used in the preceding surround sound mixing stage, such as those on sound pressure, needs to be taken into consideration to properly encode the soundtracks into the final product that conforms to the decoding systems used by the end users.   

E)Standard Audio Production Services 

     The Muscene Studio is proud to offer our customers with quality production of audio media such as Foley sound effects, dubbing, re-recording, voice-over, insertion of thematic music, 5.1 Surround Sound production, soundtrack restoration, trailers and movie clips.     

Movie Surround Sound production is highly customized and complex, it requires integration of a multitude of elements through involved and repeated opinion exchanges with our customer before a reasonable price quotation and production timetable can be generated.

F) Advanced Surround Sound Services 

     We also provide advanced, high quality Foley mimicry effects, professional dubbing, 5.1/7.2 Surround Sound mixing and mastering, stereo and surround sound Hi-Fi remixing of movie original sound tracks, delicate soundtrack restoration, multilingual dubbing, Stem mixing output in WAV/AIFE format, encoded output in Dolby/DTS format, three 30-s trailers, and two 3-min movie clips. 

As movie surround sound production is highly customized and complex, price quotation and production timetable can be generated only after involved and repeated opinion exchanges with our customer for comprehensive appreciation of the product our customer desires.

G) Optional Add-On Services 

     Audio production for movies involves many producing elements, such as thematic music composition and arrangement, original soundtrack production, mastering, and synchronization.   

The Muscene Studio is the only dedicated Taiwaness recording studio that provides professional services for audio and film industries. We provide in-house arrangers, sound engineers, and boom operators to fulfill your high-quality one-stop shopping needs. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products within your budget. To find out itemized services we offer, please refer to our individual web pages or contact us. 

Please refer to the “5.1/7.2 Surround music mixing and Mastering”section for more information. 

If you have needs in regard to customized arrangement, songwriting, filling your melody/lyrics with lyrics/music, and film score writing, please refer to the “Arrangement” section. 

#Please refer to “Service” for more information regarding Film Music Production, Mixing, and Mastering. 

Reference prices 

As movie surround sound production is highly customized and complex, price quotation and production timetable can be generated only after involved and repeated opinion exchanges with our customer for comprehensive appreciation of the product our customer desires. The following is meant to be a list of rough pricing ranges for services we provide to facilitate your budget planing. 

◎Standard stereo, 5.1, or 7.2 Surround Sound production 

  NT $ 250,000~900,000 (US $ 8,625.99~31,039.99)

◎Hollywood-style 5.1, or 7.2 Surround Sound production 

  NT $ 700,000~6,500,000 (US $ 24,139.25~224,139.99)

◎Stereo mixing for original sound tracks 

  NT $350,000~1,500,000 (US $ 12,069.25~51,726.25)

◎Hi-Fi surround sound production for 5.1/7.2 Surround Audio original sound tracks 

  NT $ 450,000~2,000,000 (US $ 15,519.25~68,966.25)

◎Important information: 

*To provide you with the highest quality mixing service for your pre-recorded soundtracks, please synchronize all your tracks, remove all labels from your tracks and tag your soundtracks with filenames describing the content of each respective tracks, for example, Bass, EGtr1, etc.  

*In the process of surround sound mixing, we will provide you with intermediate Multi-Channel mp3 soundtrack file as a reference for your timely opinion and input towards improving the final stages of the mixing process to your full satisfaction. At the completion of the surround sound mixing, we will provide you with the final product in WAV or AIFF format per your request. You may also request Stem Mix audio tracks at a surcharge. 

*If you have a strong personal taste towards stereo down mixing, or you wish to have your own version of stereo mixing, please inform our engineers early in the process. This non-standard operation we provide to match your specified measurements can be provided at additional charges for production and hardware adjustments. Extra charging also applies to start from scratch, independent Stereo Mixing. 

*If you choose advanced surround sound mastering service form us, the Muscene Studio will provide you with either Dolby or DTS coding service at no extra charge; and you will receive properly encoded soundtrack files as the final product. 

*A final note here is that the tone quality of the surround sound mixed product will be distinguishable from surround sound Blu-ray and DVD music EPs you purchase as commercial product; this arises from the lack of the additional Mastering stage that precedes marketing of the product. Professional Mastering bestows on your audio products additional attraction and competitivity through one additional stage of polishing and rendering of your material. 

Please contact us for any further information